Food & Drink

Winter warmers: The soup edition

Abby Cleaver outlines some soup-er recipes to keep you warm and happy this Christmas assessment period

Picture this. It’s been a long day of lectures and then library, and it’s cold outside. Cold winds blow onto your already frozen nose as you wait for the bus. You aren’t wearing a proper winter coat because it seemed

Student Living

Unlocking your future and maximising your potential: A guide to Trinity Careers Service

Abby Cleaver speaks with careers consultant Orlaith Tunney to demystify the careers service and give you all the information you need

Career anxiety, that dreaded feeling that creeps up on nearly all students at some stage of their college careers. One day you’re a fresher forgetting about your assignment until the hours before, and the next you’re a soon-to-be graduated quasi-adult

Arts & Culture
JoLT launch

Spectacular night celebrating literature and language that was not lost in translation

Abby Cleaver covers JoLT’s first launch party of the year and discusses its significance in the Irish literary scene

Adorning an otherwise typical Friday night at Chaplin’s, this launch event celebrated JoLT’s first issue of volume 12. The issue’s theme “tradition” acquired new resonance as this year’s staff began a new tradition in the journal’s first ever summer issue. 


Tattoos and Ties: The Intersection of Self-Expression and Workplace Etiquette

With the recent dismissal of three Garda trainees on the basis of their tattoos, the place of tattoos in a professional environment has once again come into the spotlight as body art grows seemingly more popular than ever

Following last month’s decision to send home three Garda trainees due to their tattoos, the conversation about the place of tattoos in the workplace has exploded once more across Irish headlines. The Garda handbook states that “Body art [tattoos] on


Ball season should not have to mean a huge cost for students, or to the planet

Formal wear is not cheap, but we must start to consider the affordable alternatives available to us and try to make changes, not excuses

Being in the midst of college ball season, we are all painfully aware of the different efforts and preparation measures to be undertaken before each event. One of the key aspects of this prep being, of course, picking the outfit.

By Traffic, Moira by Albert Bridge, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Irish motorists driven up the wall (and off the road) by tests waiting lists and expenses

With severe backlogs to the NCT waiting lists, lengthy lines for those looking for a driving test, and a steep cost involved in all of that and more, drivers across the country are struggling to stay on the road, and get on it in the first place

Drivers and aspiring drivers across the country are facing a pile of obstacles as they try to get on the road, stay on the road, and be safe in doing so. Waiting lists for driving tests are up to a


Arts students need more career guidance than two career fairs a year – and we might only be getting one

Lack of career advice and information available for Arts and Humanities students perpetuates the unemployed-arts-student stereotype, and promotes doubt and confusion for students as they attempt to enter the workforce

After attending the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) Career Inspiration Event, which took place last November, I left with more questions about my potential future career options than answers. While the fair was worth the time and did somewhat


Recent TUI survey highlights potential reasonings behind teacher shortage in Ireland – and not a single one is surprising

Bleak outlook for the future minds of Ireland as there are simply too many obstacles for those who are able and willing to teach them

A survey carried out by The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has returned disappointing yet unsurprising results on the recruitment difficulties faced by schools and the reasons that these positions are not being filled. The survey found that 91% of