Ball season should not have to mean a huge cost for students, or to the planet

Formal wear is not cheap, but we must start to consider the affordable alternatives available to us and try to make changes, not excuses

Being in the midst of college ball season, we are all painfully aware of the different efforts and preparation measures to be undertaken before each event. One of the key aspects of this prep being, of course, picking the outfit.

By Traffic, Moira by Albert Bridge, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Irish motorists driven up the wall (and off the road) by tests waiting lists and expenses

With severe backlogs to the NCT waiting lists, lengthy lines for those looking for a driving test, and a steep cost involved in all of that and more, drivers across the country are struggling to stay on the road, and get on it in the first place

Drivers and aspiring drivers across the country are facing a pile of obstacles as they try to get on the road, stay on the road, and be safe in doing so. Waiting lists for driving tests are up to a


Arts students need more career guidance than two career fairs a year – and we might only be getting one

Lack of career advice and information available for Arts and Humanities students perpetuates the unemployed-arts-student stereotype, and promotes doubt and confusion for students as they attempt to enter the workforce

After attending the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) Career Inspiration Event, which took place last November, I left with more questions about my potential future career options than answers. While the fair was worth the time and did somewhat


Recent TUI survey highlights potential reasonings behind teacher shortage in Ireland – and not a single one is surprising

Bleak outlook for the future minds of Ireland as there are simply too many obstacles for those who are able and willing to teach them

A survey carried out by The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has returned disappointing yet unsurprising results on the recruitment difficulties faced by schools and the reasons that these positions are not being filled. The survey found that 91% of


The supplemental exam experience this year has been an overly stressful ordeal for students, for factors as unnecessary as they were unprecedented

Isolation from college over the summer, notable lack of college support, and the pressure of perceived high stakes of supplemental exams is a much larger problem than expected, and a significant disadvantage

In August of this year I was one of the hundreds of students who sat a supplemental exam. As with any exam preparation process, stress followed me from my term results all the way to the exam day itself. However,


Revisiting the controversy behind DUGES name, and the reasons it is still yet to be changed

The self-proclaimed feminist society in Trinity is called FemSoc in every way… except officially recognised by the Central Societies Committee

In 2017, the Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES) attempted to rename themselves as FemSoc. In response, the CSC not only disapproved of the change, but cautioned that such a name could jeopardise the acknowledgement of them as an official

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The obstacle that limitations of confidentiality pose in student counselling, and overcoming it

Abby Cleaver discusses her experience with the Student Counselling Services at Trinity, and how it was much different than first imagined

Content warning: this article contains mention of sexual assault, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

Limitations of confidentiality were not an obstacle I had expected to face when I started using Trinity College’s Student Counselling Services (SCS). Of course, you can find


Progress only stops when we do, and the pattern shows we stop too soon

As the free contraception scheme for women aged 17-25 comes into effect, we must remain actively present in the conversation in order for unprecedented accessibility obstacles to be amended quickly and effectively

Many steps forward have been taken for women in Ireland in recent years. Conversations about gender inequality, from areas as far-ranging as female opportunities in STEM, our right to bodily autonomy and sexual violence against Irish women, are ongoing, with


Trinity’s administration issues need to be addressed – again

Trinity’s notoriously inadequate communication and administration services are no secret to returning students, but looking back at the last year it is clear that it is time these issues are finally fixed

Looking forward to a new academic year in Trinity, we are already at that point of the summer where we have to make degree-shaping pathway decisions, with module option choices not too far away. As a new year begins to


HEA Bill Debate highlights deeper governmental indifference towards student concerns

Guillotining of recent HEA Bill debate prompts Irish student representative groups to write an open letter denouncing government failure to respect their concerns

The recent Higher Education Authority (HEA) Bill 2022 debate raises understandable concerns among Irish students over the government’s perceived indifference regarding student interests. The questions raised during the debate considered the government’s expanded powers in the newly proposed bill to