Eating healthily is a forgotten privilege

Examining the economics of eating healthily lends new meaning to the phrase “your health is your wealth”

Being a student in a university comes with many benefits, a huge one being how easily
accessible just about everything becomes. But probably the most convenient aspect of this is how easily we can access fast food. In the time


Why has Ireland’s “yellow vest” movement failed to take off?

Through political, cultural, and social differences, the translation of France’s activist revolution can’t seem to empassion any support in Ireland

It’s a scary time to be an exchange student in France. With rising political tensions, there are weekly unavoidable protests right on our doorstep. Many Trinity students studying in France have come face-to-face with the gilets jaunes or yellow vests,


To all the lecturers I’ve loved before

A lecturer’s attitude makes a world of difference, writes Áine Corry

Picture this: you’re sitting in the Ed Burke, and you look around at the various laptop screens in the lecture hall. Some are being used to scroll through Facebook, others used to do some online shopping, and a very small