Ivana Bacik’s election as leader of Labour only cements the party’s detachment from the working class

Bacik’s associations with an austerity government will do little to abate Labour’s image as a staunchly middle class party.

The recent ascent of Ivana Bacik to the top of the political pops should come as no surprise. The Dublin Bay South TD encapsulates all that the Labour party has come to stand for today, which is actually very little.


Nobody has a right to a namesake

Renaming the Schrodinger Theatre was not an act of censorship, but correction

Trinity recently decided to change the name of the Schrodinger Theatre back to its original name — Physics Lecture Theatre. This decision was made in light of evidence revealing Erwin Schrodinger to be a serial abuser and paedophile, and has


Robot Wars for billionaires

The high-speed hypocrisy of Formula 1

Widely considered to be the pinnacle of motorsport, the globetrotting circus that is Formula 1 (F1) has always been about money as much as it is about racing. With revenues of well over a billion dollars annually, ten teams pouring …