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How these Trinity students are using chalk to create change

Anna Lyons interviewed EmpowerHer*Voice Dublin about their use of chalk to tackle catcalling on the streets of Dublin

Combine chalk and passion and beautiful things can result. I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the founding members of EmpowerHer*Voice Dublin, Esme, Sully, Kitty and Niamh, about how they use chalk to instil change on the …

Sex & Relationships

So you’ve gotten the ick … or is it intuition?

Anna Lyons explores how the most arbitrary, yet sometimes relatable, situations have found their niche on TikTok, raising questions about whether there should be any merit awarded to them, or if they may be causing more harm than good.

The word “ick” has become one of the most commonly used words in the Gen-Z dating dialogue: there’s seldom a conversation I have with friends about dating that gives no mention to the ick. When you’re attracted to someone, and

Sex & Relationships

Ethical porn: fact or foe?

Anna Lyons debunks the concept of ethical porn and questions whether ethical porn is even a possibility given the context of the pornography industry

I was listening to a podcast recently, the hosts of which are two women who seem to pride themselves on their transparent, educational and feminist content. Halfway through the episode, they paused for a break, and started to advertise for

Sex & Relationships

Take the STI out of stigma

Anna Lyons sheds light on an under-discussed topic through looking at two student’s personal experiences with sexually transmitted infections

The cases of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) in Ireland have been steadily rising recently. They are more common than ever, and it is likely that someone you know has had one right now. Having an STI isn’t a bad thing, …

Sex & Relationships

Things that make you go Oh!

Anna Lyons unpacks the truth behind the female orgasm

An orgasm is the moment during sexual activity when feelings of sexual pleasure are at their strongest. While we can put a dictionary definition on the term orgasm, an abundance of questions still remain: How does someone know when they’ve

Arts & Culture

Tits out for production value

Anna Lyons examines why onscreen nudity is an issue for actresses breaking into the industry

If you have ever turned on your TV a minute past the watershed, there is a high chance you’ve come face to face with onscreen nudity — most likely female. Yet, in order to fully understand the issue of female …