Scientists, engage or die

A growing number of scientists are realising that publishing their research in scientific journals is no longer enough.

Science HeaderScientists are well accustomed to the ‘publish or perish’ maxim, but they are now being urged to communicate their work in ways that stretch beyond the A4 boundaries of a scientific paper.

Keys to science

Academic publications have acted as …


Professor Luke O’Neill on marvel molecules and being a scientist

Professor Luke O’Neill of the School of Biochemistry and Immunology talks to Trinity News about the exciting discovery of a molecule that could help treat a variety of inflammatory diseases.

Science HeaderNew research led by scientists at Trinity has uncovered a molecule that could lead to new treatment of inflammatory diseases including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, gout, asthma, diabetes and Muckle-Wells syndrome. This marvel molecule, called MCC950, is capable of blocking …


DNA of lager yeast tells stories of eastern voyage

Trinity research has revealed that ancestors of yeast used in brewing lager may have been transported along ancient trade routes.

Science HeaderSeasoned brewers know that behind every successful beer, there is a very precious yeast at work. When it comes to beer – from ale, to stout, to lager – yeast is a crucial ingredient used to ferment sugars into alcohol.…