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The music industry: Is it a “boys’ club” and who decides who gets in?

Singer, songwriter and Trinity student Aoibh Ní Mhuireartaigh examines the gender biases within the music industry, from the inside

About two years ago, I made a point of expecting handshakes in professional contexts. I am in no way a stickler for formality, but the handshakes taking place around me while I was offered hugs, and kisses on cheeks, irked

Arts & Culture

Creatives in Trinity: An interview with Étáin

The singer-songwriter discusses her blossoming career

Hailing from the depths of Connacht, singer-songwriter Étáin has crafted a trademark songwriting style, and boasts a delicate yet commanding voice filled with light and shade. Speaking to Trinity News, she discusses the Trinity music scene, her inspiration and the


Spoilt for choice

With Fourth Week just around the corner, Aoibh Ni Mhuireartaigh navigates which societies to pick

The first few weeks of the college term is a time for the societies of Trinity to pull out the stops when it comes to showing what they have to offer. On Freshers’ Week, Front Square is taken over by