Confessions of an Amateur Athlete

Bláitín Sheil confesses the day-to-day problems and habits athletes learn to live with.


The Hunger

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Forget it. There are many more than three meals in a day. The hunger is real, and it can be aggressive. Your library time is measured by your regular “pick-me-up” breaks. Sometimes you try


Orthorexia and athletes: an area for concern

Orthorexia, an obsessive concern with healthy eating, has yet to be officially recognised as an eating disorder.


When one thinks of eating disorders, one automatically thinks of anorexia nervosa, the most spoken-about eating disorder. With anorexia, the scars of the disorder are borne physically. It is clear that the person is underweight. However, there also exist other …


Offence Versus Incitement: Notes from the Council of Europe Free Speech Conference

Offence fuels debate, but hate speech stifles it. Where should we draw the line?


Striking a balance

“Freedom of expression: still a precondition for democracy?” – this is the title of the Conference hosted by the Council of Europe from the 13-14 October 2015.

We can all agree that freedom of expression is a


‘Put them where we can’t see them’

Recent objections to the opening of a new homeless shelter on Fitzwilliam Street Lower are a damning indictment of Dublin business.

comment1It seemed that we had finally come to terms with the fact that there is a homeless crisis in Dublin. We recognised its existence, and authorities had finally begun to deal with it. People showed their support by donating to …