Failure breeds success

Will Scott assesses the impact of England’s defeat

Will Scott


England’s failure to win the Six Nations was good for England. This may be a surprising statement to come from the mouth (or pen) of an Englishman, but Test rugby like any sport, requires a certain amount …


The setting of a nation’s favourite son.

Sports Editor Cal Gray discusses what has made Brian O’Driscoll completely irreplaceable.

The English language has yet to invent the words that adequately describe how much Brian O’Driscoll means to this country, we have only ringing clichés, but I’m still going to try.

When I was 11 I was at that awkward …


Trinity lose out narrowly in annual Colours match.

David Fanagan reports on the hard-fought encounter between Trinity and UCD in last week’s annual Colours match.

David J. Fanagan


The 62nd annual Colours match was played last Friday in front of a noticeably vocal crowd at Donnybrook stadium, with the spoils going to UCD in a tightly fought 19-12 scoreline after a truly end-to-end …


Sport as war.

Staff Writer Niall Brehon re-evaluates George Orwell’s views on sport as war.

Niall Brehon

Staff Writer

George Orwell was one for theorizing. Though his bad lungs prevented him from partaking in the Second World War, he nevertheless expressed a partisan anti-Fascist interest in the Spanish Civil War – an interest strong enough …