Exploring Space Week 2017

Carol O’Brien discusses the events happening during Space Week this year

Today, October 4, marks the beginning of Space Week 2017. Stretching from now until Tuesday October 10, Space Week will see a range of cosmic themed events taking place nationwide. Space Week was established in 1999, with a United Nations


Gay penguins and bisexual bonobos: sexual diversity in the animal kingdom

Carol O’Brien discusses how homosexuality fits in the theory of evolution and observed sexually diverse relationships between some animal species.

For a long time same-sex relationships were thought not to exist in nature outside of humans. This is a powerful thought that still exists in the minds of many recent referendum ‘no voters’, but one that is in fact, not


The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Carol explores the origins and new developments in the search for intelligent life forms outside planet Earth.

For those keeping an eye on the stars, and with an interest in extraterrestrial life, the past few months have been exciting ones. Last July saw the announcement of a 100 million US dollar search for intelligent life in space. …


The Shkreli  controversy: the frightening power of pharmaceutical companies

Carol O’Brien reports on the story of the dramatic rise in Daraprim’s price by 5500% and describes the greed driven desire of pharmaceutical companies to make a profit at the cost of human health and life.

SCITECHWhen Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to a little-known drug called Daraprim this past September, it didn’t take long for the story to sweep across social media, evoking a particularly fiery response. Immediately after buying Daraprim, Turing raised the price