Society Spotlight: Trinity TV

Ciara Cassidy explores how Trinity TV still manages to create gripping content

Covid-19 has certainly restricted the number of activities students can do in their spare time. In fact, the whole of Ireland seems to be limited to either going for long walks, undertaking new arts and craft skills, baking, or, of


This Week In Trinity: Women’s Week

Pantos, Discussions and Games: tune in to find out what’s in store for students this week

Society events for this week all kick off on Tuesday with the weekly virtual coffee hour with DUGES at 11:00am – 12:00pm. Bring your favorite mugs and biscuits to discuss all the merits of women’s week over discord! 

On Tuesday


Sunday Longread: Catching flights and switching societies

Are Erasmus students that come to Trinity more likely to join our societies than Trinity students when they go abroad?

For some, studying abroad as an exchange student can be an amazing experience. For others, the idea of working and socialising in a foreign country can be incredibly nerve-wracking. In either case, any student that studies abroad will most likely


This week in Trinity: Engineers Week

This week in Trinity TCD’s Engineering Society brings you ‘Your Future in Industry’ with talks from past alumni

Society events for this week all kick off on Tuesday. At 7pm join Eng Soc over zoom, as they welcome Eoin Brate (AB Forensics) and David Nolan (Postdoctoral research at TCD) to discuss the fields of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering


This week in Trinity: Refreshers Week

Kick off the new term with a variety of society events to shake the winter blues

The Covid Christmas is over and it was exhausting. Many students may be dreading another term beginning in yet another lockdown. Now more than ever it is important to ensure that students have enough relaxation time and socialisation. What better


Getting political in Trinity

From conservatism to communism, here are the political parties on campus

Globally, political parties are more polarised than ever before. While America waits for Biden to take office, we must not forget deep political rivalry also exists in Ireland and within our own campus. We asked a series of questions to


This week at Trinity: Rainbow Week

This week, Trinity has everything from Music to Mammals, closed spaces, and coffee hours to get you back into the swing of college life

On Monday Q-Soc kicked off Rainbow Week 2020 by hosting a closed space for Men who Like Men (MLM) at 3pm. For anyone who hasn’t attended one of Q-Soc’s closed spaces before, these are non-judgmental spaces welcome to everyone. They