Seanad elections to continue despite Trinity’s closure

A spokesperson for the Academic Registry told Trinity News that “the university is planning to proceed with the count”

Elections for the three Dublin University seats in Seanad Éireann are continuing as normal despite the University being closed, a spokesperson for Academic Registry has confirmed to Trinity News. “We are still receiving ballots at the moment, we are currently …


Seanad elections: Hugo MacNeill on investment banking, rugby and higher education

Hugo MacNeill talks to Trinity News about his candidacy in the Dublin University constituency

Hugo MacNeill is an independent candidate for the Seanad in the Dublin University constituency. Born in 1958, he attended Blackrock College where his rugby career began. MacNeill obtained an undergraduate degree in Economic and Social Studies from Trinity in 1981 …


TEP: What’s happened, what’s to come

Will the common complaints of last year repeat themselves or can students expect an improvement?

The goal of the Trinity Education Project (TEP) is not just to change the structure of the academic year and examinations. Rather, it also seeks to alter the skills that Trinity students gain in university through increasingly varied methods of


Revisiting the 1969 Gentle Revolution

50 years after the Gentle Revolution, the fight continues…

Student-occupied buildings, outrage at obstinate academic institutions, and an unlivable housing crisis. These are just a few of the details that describe the student movement Take Back Trinity. Just as they capture last year’s protests, they also echo an eerie