Trinity’s colonial ties in focus

As the Trinity Colonial Legacies project gets underway, Trinity News examines the College’s many links to empire

At the beginning of September, work began on the Trinity Colonial Legacies project, first announced in February of this year, when Dr Mobeen Hussain was appointed postdoctoral research fellow to the project. Led by Dr Ciaran O’Neill and Dr Patrick


The international fight to defend academic freedom

June’s Scholars at Risk conference highlighted the threat of authoritarian rule, neoliberal policy, and other less obvious issues

In March, College fiercely defended its autonomy as an academic institution in the face of Government plans to reform the governance of colleges and universities. College officials voiced fears for Trinity’s institutional independence and the academic freedom of its scholars. …


College must make a conscious effort to shed its elitist reputation

The CAO has seen a 38% increase in applications to Trinity, which indicates College may be moving away from its exclusionary image

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth has often stood apart from Ireland’s other third-level institutes in many regards. While the college prides itself on being an institution of Ireland’s best and brightest (admittedly


Standing up for student renters

A look inside the newly established TCD Renters’ Union

Launched in the opening days of the new year, the newly formed TCD Renter’s Union (TCDRU) has attracted hundreds of followers across their three social media platforms in the first few weeks of its existence. On these platforms, the TCDRU