Breaking down barriers: it’s up to Trinity to facilitate online language exchanges

Irish people are statistically less likely to speak foreign languages than their European counterparts – college could help to change that

Parlez-vous une langue étrangère? Just 13% of the overall Irish population describe themselves as multilingual in a language other than Irish or English, according to figures from the last census. Many European countries share multiple borders which in theory should …


UT Race: Peter Caddle believes that his “influence could be a very good course correction for the University Times”

Caddle has said he would use the money from cutting the print edition to improve the paper’s website and the rest he will “probably just hand back to the union”

Peter Caddle, one of two candidates for the editorship of the University Times (UT), says his reasons for running are “very simple”; he thinks he is “the best person for the job”. However, having no experience in the paper, he


President race: Luke MacQuillan thinks dialogue is “key for change and movement”

For Luke MacQuillan, keeping “chains of dialogue open all the time” is the solution to the SU’s problems

Although he has no previous experience within the union, Luke MacQuillan isn’t letting that hold him back from running as one of three candidates in the race to be the next president of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU). A


Burnout is inevitable for students in progressing years, and College must address it

Community, or the lack of it due to the pandemic, is at the core of student burnout

We’re all sick of being reminded about the obliteration of the social aspects of college thanks to coronavirus. The social moments that segmented our lives have been robbed from us. The dreary familiarity and banality of the everyday demotivates and


New year, same online semester

Dearbháil Kent interviews students and staff about their thoughts on the online delivery of the second semester

Most students would agree that initially the prospect of going to a 9am class online in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own bed was very attractive, at least at the beginning of the academic year. It is almost

Picture of a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries with flowers around it

The dismissal of women’s reproductive health cannot continue

Women’s health is under researched, misdiagnosed and overlooked. It’s time to put an end to it

It has been over two months since the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) received 150 complaints about the Tampax ad demonstrating how to insert a tampon, with 83% of complaints surprisingly coming from women. The complaints in one form


Trinity’s slow communication on study abroad has left students distressed

Studying abroad is difficult enough to organise without the stress of not knowing whether or not it’s going ahead

While this academic year has ended, students’ worries still linger, especially those who plan on studying abroad. The process of applying to study abroad is confusing and frustrating enough as it is already without the added pressures of having to