Ents Race: Sam Kelly in a bid for Ents Officer – For Good! For All! For You!

In an interview with Trinity News, Sam Kelly details his experience in mental health and event organisation

Junior Sophister Politics and Economics student, Sam Kelly is one of three candidates running for the position of Entertainment (Ents) Officer in the 2023 TCDSU elections. Having founded his school’s well-being committee, and formerly sat on their student council, Kelly

Sex & Relationships

How do you masturbate?

Ella McGill spoke with seven Trinity students as they shed light on the stigma surrounded topic of masturbation

Have you ever talked to a friend about masturbation? Like, really talked? Masturbation is taboo, and the intricate ways we do and do not pleasure ourselves don’t tend to arise organically in daily chit-chat. In part because silence breeds stigma


Government announce appointment of Co-Chairs for the review of PhD supports

The review was announced last month by Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris

Government have announced Dr Andrea Johnson and David Cagney as the co-chairs for the national review of state supports for PhD researchers.

The appointment follows Harris’ announcement last month that a government review of PhD supports would take place.


Sex & Relationships

Unlearning unhelpful lessons on female pleasure

Ella McGill addresses the harmful and internalised aspects regarding sex that are so commonly taught through patriarchal structures

Pleasure for people with vulvas is often misrepresented in the mainstream, leading us to internalise a lot of unhelpful lessons about our bodies. Most of us have to spend time unlearning those lessons, much to the detriment of our collective

Arts & Culture

Articulating the unspeakable through the creative arts

An interview with Dr. Rachel Hoare on processing trauma for unaccompanied children seeking asylum with Expressive Arts Psychotherapy

Expressive arts psychotherapist Dr. Rachel Hoare keeps a box of miniature symbols in her therapy room; religious tokens, a skeleton: “Some things that are quite disturbing,’ she states. ‘I’m always collecting wherever I go.” Dr. Hoare discusses one of her

Arts & Culture

“You wouldn’t steal a movie”: The ethics of piracy

Ella McGill discusses the moral conundrum of media piracy augmented by the Covid-19 crisis

Every child of the DVD generation knows the ad:


Its battered font, flashing imagery and downright infectious background music are carved into our collective consciousness. While its aesthetics have had lasting impacts on us, the