New Long Room exhibition celebrates highlights of Dutch collection purchased in 1802

A newly launched exhibition of the world-renowned Fagel Collection will be on display in the Long Room until September

The achievements of an international collaborative research project will be celebrated tonight with the launch of an exhibition in the Long Room, where it will go on display until September.

The newly opened exhibition, entitled Unlocking the Fagel Collection, consists …


Security instructed to allow students on campus following temporary refusal of entry to non-residents

TCDSU President Gabi Fullam called the decision “blatantly unfair”, adding that the union will be investigating the matter further


Security have been instructed to allow anyone carrying a TCard to enter campus following a brief ban on non-residents entering this evening.

Security at entrances to campus, including Front Gate and Nassau Street, began refusing entry to non-residents at around …


Fashion Soc’s EPIC finale

Trinity Fashion Society’s annual fashion show, Transcendence: The EPIC Journey of Fashion, offered an unmissable spectacle last Friday

, and

Trinity Fashion Society went out with a bang last Friday as they put on their annual fashion show, aptly named Transcendence: The EPIC Journey of Fashion. Held in the EPIC Museum Building located in Dublin’s Docklands, the show was conceptually

Sex & Relationships

Demystifying PMDD

Ella Sloane highlights the under-discussed topic of PMDD through the experiences of those who suffer from the condition

Content warning: this article contains mention of suicidal ideation and self harm

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a severe and under-recognised form of PMS. One student diagnosed with the disorder shared that whilst she often tries to explain it as …


Trinity News dives into DUSC’s 125th-anniversary celebrations

DU Swimming and Water Polo Club marked the historic occasion with a day-long event, inviting both alumni and current students to compete

This year marks the 125th anniversary of DU Swimming and Water Polo Club (DUSC). Founded in 1897, it is one of the largest and oldest sports clubs in Trinity and one which is “very fortunate to have an amazing alumni

Arts & Culture

Re-Joyce in Dublin this Bloomsday

Ella Sloane’s guide to celebrating the centenary of Ulysses on June 16

This year marks the centenary of the first edition of Ulysses, and the Bloomsday Festival is back and bigger than ever. Named after the novel’s protagonist, Leopold Bloom, Bloomsday takes place annually on June 16 to celebrate the legacy of


The unique challenges of LGBTQ+ mental health care

Author of The Queer Mental Health Workbook discusses his research

This article contains discussion of self-harm.

Research has consistently shown that members of the LGBTQ+ community face significant disparities in physical and mental health outcomes when compared to their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts, linked to societal stigma and discrimination. Speaking …