Leave Hillary alone

“It would be unconscionable to judge a male presidential candidate based on his qualifications and political stances, however it is apparently fair to judge a women on any mythical aura one seems to feel through their television. “


Arguably the biggest problem that women face in terms of political representation is that women don’t support women. I understand that as women, we have a tendency to deny this emphatically. But given that women still aren’t adequately represented at


Why I love St Valentine’s Day

Described by Ellen Mc Clure as a gender-stereotyping plot worse than Sarah Palin herself, St Valentine’s Day is the epitome of sexist and artificial

COMMENTI hate St Valentine’s Day. I don’t hate it because I’m single. I don’t hate it because I’ve spent most of my young adult life being single. I don’t hate it because both of my now former hook ups recently