Student Living

Dear Trinity, with love

Emma Gallagher shares her thoughts as she nears the end of her time in College

Dear Trinity, 

As daylight savings throws us all off, the evenings get longer, the sun gets a little brighter, and the deadlines loom a little closer. Suddenly, I feel so aware that this is all ending. Four years, four great

Sex & Relationships

Left on read

Emma Gallagher examines the concept of ghosting and its implications

Message delivered 5 minutes ago. Delivered 5 hours ago. Delivered yesterday. Opened 3 hours ago. No reply. Ouch. 

No matter how cool you are or believe you are almost everyone in the modern realm of dating has experienced

Student Living

Loved and lonely

Emma Gallagher explores what it means to be lonely in college, and why it’s entirely okay

College life provides a unique set of experiences and emotions. You’re often halfway through an experience before realising this is something your 18-year-old self could have only dreamt of whether it’s fancy black tie balls, or going swimming with

Sex & Relationships

A Freshers’ Freedom

Emma Gallagher examines the many friendships of Freshers’ Week

Freshers is one of the most important weeks in the social calendar of any student; every day of your Freshers experience feels like you’re meeting more people than would fill your home town. It can be daunting or exciting, or

Sex & Relationships

Sex and Stigma

Emma Gallagher explores College’s worst kept secret and why so many students try to keep it that way

In a world of marketable insecurities, to love your body seems like some grand act of rebellion. To let someone else love it, whilst openly admitting to it, seems totally outrageous. We fall into the trap of assuming people see