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Exam season Q&A

The TN Student Living team ask TCDSU all your unanswered questions regarding the upcoming exam season


Well, it’s that time of year again… exam season….Whether this is your first experience or you are a well-practised exam veteran looking for a new approach, this article is for you. We have compiled a list of the most asked


2023: The year we still continue to pit women against each other

Emma Rouine explores how the media recklessly pits women against each other and the dangerous impact this has on the public.

“While social media is an incredible way to connect and build community, moments like this only create extreme division instead of bringing people together.” These were the words of Hailey Bieber last March when she took to Instagram amid her


Trinity societies: A brief introduction

Emma Rouine unravels the minefield of student-led organisations on campus

It’s the start of a new academic year, and with that we’re often inclined to make new resolutions, something to make this semester a little different to previous ones that have passed by.

But it can be SO OVERWHELMING (emphasis

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The commuter experience

Emma Rouine explains why not all students are sharing the same college experience

“I can’t stay out, I have to make it for the last bus,” and “No, I have to run for the train in 15 minutes.” Everyone who does not live within a close distance of campus endures this. According to