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An Ode to the Old School Café

Eoghan Conway pays homage to the humble eateries and coffee shops of Dublin

Look I’ll be the first to admit it, I love speciality coffee as much as the next person. I am that guy who will order a pour-over, inevitably leading to the barista being thrown off kilter and causing your extra

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A Lament for Shane MacGowan

Eoghan Conway raises a glass to the legacy of the revered musician

I don’t know if Shane MacGowan believed in a God. To be brutally honest, I’d say a God could hardly believe in Shane MacGowan—an intellectual, witty vagabond with the literary credentials of a Nobel laureate. Although Shane would recognise himself

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Intelligent people skip dessert altogether and serve a glass of Irish coffee

Eoghan Conway and Cathal Eustace go in search of the best Irish coffee in Dublin and find themselves in Bar 1661


An extract from a Trinity News article from February 1970 reads as follows: “Intelligent people skip dessert altogether and serve a glass of Irish coffee. To make Irish coffee you needn’t fuss with dessert plates… saving on time, money and

Food & Drink

Are we really in Love with Local?

Eoghan Conway looks at the relationship between imported produce and local more sustainable options

Go on, take a look at your cupboards. Depending on what day of the week it is and your individual budgeting skills you could be faced with one of two options.  It could either be a sad sparse reflection of

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Are faraway hills greener?

Eoghan Conway reviews the vegan and vegetarian dining institution that is Glas

I’ve always been somewhat of a carnivore. Vegetables were reserved as a side dish, the supporting acts to the main feast. If I was to condense my culinary caveats down to two words, they would be carveries and cream. My

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Perks of Pret?

Java Reviewz and Eoghan Conway ponder whether or not the arrival of Pret is positive news for the Irish coffee scene


Coffee. It plays a different role in everyone’s lives. For some, that shot of espresso is merely a kick-start to the day, a medicine they cannot function without. For others, it’s part of their routine, grabbing a latte or cappuccino …