Council votes to campaign for lectures slides to be made more available and accessible

The motions propose that the Education officer lobby lecturers to ensure all lecture slides are written in accessible fonts, and that all lecture materials be made availble to class reps so they may be disseminated to the students in each class.


Two motions to campaign for lecture materials to be made more readily available and accessible have been passed at SU Council.

The first motion on accessibility proposed that the Student’s Union campaign for lecturers to ensure that their slides are …


TCDSU reports €30,000 deficit for 2015/16 academic year

The report characterises the deficit as “ not sustainable” and the effect this has on the day-to-day finances of the Union as “dramatic”


TCDSU have reported a €30,000 deficit for the 2015/2016 academic year, Trinity News has learned. The report characterises the deficit as “ not sustainable” and the effect this has on the day-to-day finances of the Union as “dramatic”.

The SU …


Council postpones discussion of student media access motion

The motion proposed to mandate the Students’ Union to provide equal opportunities and access to on-campus media outlets

NEWSA motion mandating the Student’s Union to provide equal access to Trinity student media to its events and reporting opportunities, including but not limited to livestreaming opportunities, event access, and the provision of documents has been postponed at the final


Motions to publish “Campaign Guide” and mandate office hours for sabbatical officers passed

The motion also mandates that these hours be publicised by TCDSU on such mediums as the TCDSU Facebook account and the Students’ Union email

NEWSA motion proposing that Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical officers be mandated to schedule two hours of office hours per week has been passed at the final meeting of Council of the academic year.

The motion notes that


UCD inquiry dismisses revenge porn allegations

According to an article published earlier this month in UCD’s College Tribune, as many as 200 students formed a Facebook chat group in which explicit photos and anecdotes of female students were shared and rated without their consent

NEWSAn investigation chaired by Registrar and Deputy President of University College Dublin (UCD) Prof Mark Rogers into the existence of the “UCD 200” Facebook group has dismissed the allegations and found no definitive evidence of the group’s existence, Trinity News …


Fresher’s Week Wednesday with Trinity Ents

Even a campus imposed shut down on festivities in Players couldn’t stop DU Snow Sports and DUDJs making Snow and Spin a great event

Midweek through Fresher’s, Trinity Ents brings us yet another memorable night, on Wednesday teaming up with DU Snow Sports and DU DJ to present ‘SNOW & SPIN’ in the Opium Rooms. The night began with pre-drinks held in the Player’s


Finding The American Reflexxx

“It is a beautiful accident that seemed to awaken an almost primordial instinct laying dormant in a suburban beach town”

“In a place like Myrtle Beach, there are just as many churches as there are strip clubs.” Alli Coates muses.

She says this while explaining why she and performing artist Signe Pierce chose the South Carolina beach town as the …


Drugs have been decriminalised – they should stay that way

Prohibition further pushes drug abusers to the edges of society where their addiction will only deepen.

comment1Due to what is essentially a legal fuck up on the part of Irish Court of Appeals, Ireland is now host to a Purge-esque 48-hour window in which it is temporarily legal to possess ketamine, ecstasy pills, magic mushrooms, …