UT Editor: “I will not resign”

The University Times Editor, in a statement to Trinity News and staff this morning, refuted the severity of claims that were listed in a letter calling for her resignation

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The University Times (UT) editor will not resign following a letter calling for her resignation, a statement to Trinity News this afternoon has confirmed. 

On Saturday, a tweet from a former staff member of UT was published, which contained screenshots


The Irish Government is being irresponsible in its handling of monkeypox

If clear messaging and a vaccination program aren’t announced soon, I fear how attitudes to the LGBTQ+ community could change

Within one minute of scrolling through the topic of ‘monkeypox’ on Twitter this morning, I greeted with deeply misleading headlines about the virus, as well as targeted attacks on queer men. Notably, the Associated Press posted an article last week


Sunday Longread: Student union engagement is facing a crisis, the UCD election results only prove that

The RON campaign against UCD candidates is a symptom of poor nationwide SU engagement

On April 1, four out of five officer races for the University College Dublin Students’ Union (UCDSU) elections resulted in a vote to re-open nominations. Amongst a backdrop of misinformation and gossip pages, these results represent more than the work

Food & Drink

What’s in a name?

The relationship between sex and food may have been taken too far by Dublin restaurant Happy Endings

Food and sexual activities have always been linked. Whether it is through the medium of aphrodisiacs or branding used by bars and restaurants to entice couples, it is hard not to see the relationship between food and sex. But one

Sex & Relationships

Endometriosis and PCOS are everyday issues. We need a healthcare system that reflects that.

10 people highlight the devastating reality of being diagnosed with chronic disorders in Ireland to Eva O’Beirne

To assess the failures of the Irish health system, and also to raise awareness for Endometriosis Awareness Month, Trinity News spoke with ten people who all suffer in some way from either endometriosis or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Several of