Welfare & Equality race: Cúnla Morris wants to “work for the Welfare Officer that comes after”

The final year Irish student wants to focus on reform, over-subscribed services and signposting

When asked how they would describe themselves, Morris said they are “someone who has always cared about people” with a “diverse Trinity experience”. The final year Irish student has engaged with Trinity College Dublin Students Union (TCDSU) since their first …


Sex trafficking won’t be solved by villainising all sex workers in Ireland

SIPTU and the Department of Justice may want to protect victims of sex trafficking, but their campaign with Ruhama will only alienate sex workers more

On November 23, Dublin-based NGO Ruhama launched the “Get the Full Picture” campaign. Supported by the Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union, more commonly known as SIPTU, the campaign aims to highlight the prevalence of human trafficking for sexual exploitation


Dublin Pride 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

Eva O’Beirne speaks to Dublin Pride representative Jamie Kenny about this year’s virtual festival

On June 25th 1983, the first official Gay Pride Parade occurred in Ireland. Organised by the National LGBT Federation and consisting of 200 people, the parade marked a hunger for justice and recognition felt by the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland.


Podcast – What’s happening in Myanmar?

Eva O’Beirne interviews student activist Su about the military coup in Myanmar

On this episode of Trinity Views, podcast host Eva O’Beirne interviews student activist Su about the current military coup in Myanmar and how it came to be. Content warning: This episode mentions extreme violence and death. This episode was recorded …