Two Taoisigh and three Prime Ministers walk into a bar…

We cannot laugh too much at Britain’s three Prime Ministers in as many months when the best we could come up with is a rotating Taoiseach role that highlights the absurdity of our own system

Step aside, Roz Purcell and Pippa O’Connor. Micheál Martin and Leo Varadkar are currently Ireland’s trendiest influencers. Mere weeks before our rotating Taoiseach system is due to be implemented, as Varadkar assumes Martin’s role, the British government decided that they


Ibec’s objections to paid domestic violence leave are as nonsensical as they are contemptible

For victims of domestic violence trying to escape abusive situations, monetary concerns are an ever-present factor that this new bill will help alleviate, whether Ibec like it or not

On 5 October 2022, the work-life balance and miscellaneous provisions bill 2022 was presented to Dáil Éireann and legislation to implement it is currently being worked on by Green Party TD and Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth


It is never too early to start teaching consent, but it can be too late

Whilst sexual consent education workshops are becoming more and more common in universities unless the foundations are taught in secondary schools we are fighting a losing battle

In April of 2021, students across Ireland received an email containing a link to a Higher Education Authority (HEA) survey on student experiences of sexual violence and sexual harassment. The findings from it, published in January 2022, made for depressing,


Landlord TDs do not deserve our pity

The Robert Troy scandal has shone a light on the dangerous conflict of interest between landlord TDs and their constituents

August is a long time in politics.

Since coming into power in June 2020, the coalition government of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, and the Green Party have not survived a Dáil summer recess without enduring a national scandal, resulting in


The SEC is running out of excuses for late Leaving Certificate results

Pay disputes, poor organisation, and extreme staff shortages are issues that have plagued the SEC for many years, and have now resulted in unacceptable delays for students during an already stressful time

As the new academic year looms ever closer on the horizon, returning students are faced with familiar tasks: module enrolment, registration, fee payments. These are the annual, slightly tedious jobs that must be completed in mid-to-late August so that our


Halving public transport fares is only half the battle for rural students

The government’s solution to the rising cost of living is an urban-centric initiative that ignores the root of the issue

Between rising fuel prices, the looming threat of climate change, and soaring inflation, there has never been a more costly time to rely on a car. Many European countries find themselves scrambling to promote public transport to combat these issues. …

Food & Drink

Continental Cuisine: Discover the Traditional Taste of Europe this Summer

Whether you’re searching for a siesta snack in Spain, a bratwurst in Bavaria or a Portuguese pastry on your interrailing trails — our guide has a dish for you to try.

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The return of idyllic interrailing travels over the summer break has been welcomed by everyone, especially adventurous foodies. If you’re planning a trip away to indulge your wanderlust and taste buds, this list of our favourite authentic meals and hotspots