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Alumni Tales: Aimee-Louise Carton on how to KeepAppy

Georgina Francis speaks to the founder of a mental wellness app on her personal journey to mental health, her experience as a women in tech, and advice she has for budding entrepreneurs

Clicking into Zoom, my faithful companion over the last few weeks, I was struck yet again by the strangeness of the situation we all find ourselves in. It has not escaped anyone’s attention that we are in the midst of …


Doping in sport: A dangerous pursuit

The constant use of steroids and other drugs risks permanently destroying the integrity of sport

Being successful in sports isn’t easy. You’re up against a consort of talented people who seem to be stronger, faster, and more skilled than you are. As more and more young people get involved in sports, the competition is fiercer


“Our house is on fire. I don’t want your hope, I want you to panic.”

Ciaran O’Carroll from Extinction Rebellion Ireland spoke to Trinity students last night on the impact of the climate crisis and how students can get involved

Extinction Rebellion rose to prominence in 2018 after blockading five bridges in London. They have aimed to bring global attention to the climate crisis through peaceful acts of civil disobedience. Last night, Ciaran O’Carroll from Extinction Rebellion Ireland spoke to …


More than academics: TEP and Trinity’s societies

The introduction of TEP aims to improve Trinity’s education system, after its first term in action how has it affected Trinity’s famous and vibrant society life?

The purpose of Trinity’s campus is primarily to provide a third-level education, yet it offers much more in the form of societies. Famous for the many active and thriving societies on campus encompassing a wide network of topics and interests,


The Film Scene: Movie night at Workmans

The Film Scene is a student run forum where student filmmakers can show their work to film fanatics and those looking to fill an evening

As the new term ushers in and we are all reunited with our College friends, it can be a good idea to find new things to do in Dublin, as opposed to re-visiting your usual hang out spots. One new


The art of mixing

Former TCDSU Ents Officer, Jonah Craig, speaks to Trinity News about his new single, his inspiration, and journey as an artist

A deep beat that pulsates throughout your body and the club, electronic dance music (EDM) is the staple that signals the start of a night you may not fully remember but will certainly enjoy. In a Spotify two-minute documentary, it