Protestors storm campus in search of Trinity Professor

Protestors who gained access to campus at 4pm today leave following requests from College security

A group of protestors entered campus this afternoon, supposedly in search of a Trinity Professor. 

Access to campus is limited under current restrictions to students, staff and tourists who have a booking for the Book of Kells exhibition. 

At approximately


College must act to implement a specific sexual misconduct and assault policy

With matters relating to sexual misconduct currently encompassed in the Dignity and Respect policy, College needs to develop and implement specific policy for assault

The topic of consent has been brought to the fore in recent years, particularly in the wake of the Me Too movement which sparked discussions about the prevalence of sexual misconduct in all echelons of society. College campuses are in


Online exam season presents new challenges for staying healthy and active

Tech neck, sore eyes and disrupted sleep are but a few of the problems posed by solely digital learning. Here are a few remedies

Each time exam season rolls around, students are inevitably inundated with reminders on the importance of eating healthily, drinking enough water and staying active during exam season, for the sake of our mental and physical health. Whether or not you …


Repeal was not the end of the campaign for reproductive rights

The previous government promised safe access zone legislation. This one should deliver on it.

At the beginning of March, Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly informed the cabinet that a review of Ireland’s abortion legislation had begun. During the 2018 referendum to repeal the eighth amendment, political parties’ respective stances on abortion were under sharp


This year’s TCDSU elections saw students favour experience over soundbites

With the new sabbatical team now chosen, it is clear voters were swayed by institutional knowledge and capability rather than outsiders

Thursday saw the conclusion of the TCDSU’s sabbatical elections. Following two weeks of solely digital campaigning, Leah Keogh, Bev Genockey, Greg Arrowsmith, Sierra Mueller Owens, Aoife Cronin and Emer Moreau were elected to the roles of President, Education Officer, Ents


Our treatment of Britney Spears shows little has changed for women in the public eye

The recent documentary, Framing Britney Spears, has unearthed a disturbing normalisation of sexism, and regressive attitudes towards mental illness

“Name something Britney Spears has lost in the past year.” To raucous laughter and applause, the answers “her hair,” “her dignity” and “her husband” were called out on a 2008 episode of the popular game show, Family Feud. This succinctly …


Candidates will need to give it their all to impress at the final hustings of the campaign

Media and Equality hustings scrutinised candidates on the finer details of their campaigns

As the first week of campaigning came to a close, sabbatical officer candidates were afforded the opportunity to explore their manifesto points in depth at Thursday’s Media hustings and Friday’s Equality hustings. While Ents candidates and the sole Comms candidate


Council Hustings pushed the candidates in a way this election needed

Some candidates stood out while others still need to distinguish themselves, writes Grace Gageby

Nearly ninety minutes of rapid, probing questions at last night’s Council hustings saw sabbatical hopefuls put on the spot. The candidates were questioned on engagement, housing, diversity and post-pandemic student life, as well as a sea of other topics raised