The ultimate Freshers’ Week guide

If you don’t know what events you should attend this Freshers’ Week, Trinity News has you covered

Freshers’ Week is here again! Oh, however will you figure out how to make the best of the week? How will you whittle down the potential itinerary to a manageable shape, while still keeping all the good stuff? Well ye …


Poetic synthesis of poems and synth at Trinity Arts Festival

Gabriele Dikciute and Tadhg Kinsella hosted a workshop on electronic music for Trinity Arts Festival

Gabriele Dikciute and Tadhg Kinsella hosted an event of their own conception, Poetic Synthesis, last week in the GMB. Part historical lesson on the beginnings of electronic music and part performance, the hybrid event was one of the many wonderful


Fend off the cold weather blues with wine and paint

Dishing out free wine, paints and snacks for the masses, the Visual Arts society and the Classical society put on an evening for warming wind-chilled fingers, toes and spirits

The VisArts Paint & Sip event started up this year at 5pm on Tuesday in a new and more spacious location of the GMB. There was an abundance of room for students to relax and spread out as well as


A different approach to mindfulness

DU Meditation, Vis Arts and the Botanical society provide students with a weekly opportunity to unwind and relax

DU Meditation, Vis Arts and the Botanical society have joined forces this term to offer students a wonderful, weekly, mindful, botanical drawing session. The classes will be held on Tuesdays at 1pm in the campuses anatomy building, which is located


Trinity scientists discover role of “protector” molecule that fights the common flu

It is hoped that the discovery of the STAT3 molecule will lead to new therapeutic options for other viral infections


A team of Trinity scientists, led by Assistant Professor in Immunology Dr Nigel Stevenson, have discovered a new property of the STAT3 molecule. Previously only known for its importance as a biomolecule fundamental to cell growth, the Trinity team have