Going “Into the Woods” at Trinity Hall

Into the Woods weaves together the threads of multiple classic fairy tales to form a beautifully blended, uplifting and emotive story

The curtain fell on Trinity Hall’s annual musical last night, concluding several months worth of hard work for all involved. Having directed the 2016 Halls musical, Avenue Q, Eoin Hannaway eagerly returned to oversee this year’s extravaganza: Into the

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How to survive your first term

From getting your eight hours a night, to actually keeping track of what you spend, Grainne Sexton offers tips on how to make it through Michaelmas term.

When you’re a bright-eyed teen stifled in school, grappling with exams and being tossed round high-pressure social situations on a daily basis, college seems the place of dreams. You’re going to study a subject you love, surrounded by a bubble

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An aerial view of Freshers' Week 2016.

Fresher’s take two

Dropping out of college can be difficult, but sometimes it may be worth it to do a course that you love

In September 2016 I was amongst the ranks of Fresher’s flocking into Front Square. As I darted dizzily from one society to the next, waving an excited hello to people I recognised, stopping in awe on several occasions to admire

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“Don’t settle, strive for something else”

Gráinne Sexton on why the best choice is not always the easiest one


“Beneath the layer of outward smiles and wisecracks, there was a girl who found herself crying in the arts block bathrooms from time to time, mourning the thought that her dreams had eluded her and she was stuck in academic