The Struggles of Starting a New Society

Honey Morris explains the taxing process of pitching a society to the CSC, and to not have it pass approval

Trinity is home to a plethora of societies and anyone involved in these societies is no stranger to working with the Central Societies Committee (CSC). The CSC is the main committee that oversees the larger workings of the societies around …


What’s blooming with the Botanical Society?

Honey Morris discusses the benefits of joining the Botanical Society and shares their insight on plants and events

What society takes you on a plant shop crawl around the city, hosts chill matcha hours, and plants daffodils? If you guessed the Botanical Society, you would be correct!

Trinity College’s Botanical Society revolves around all things botany related, so


What like it’s hard?

TCD Hist wins in a fierce debate against Harvard in: “This house believes capitalism is incompatible with solving climate change”

On Wednesday February 21st, at 7:30 pm, Trinity College Dublin Historical Society sat down with Harvard University to debate the ever-growing problem of climate change. Officially the debate argued: “This house believes capitalism is incompatible with solving climate change.”



Campus coffee hours

Honey Morris dives into the coffee hours of Q-Soc and French Soc, thinking about what makes a good coffee hour, and how coffee makes everything better

Meeting new people, going to new places, and having new experiences can be overwhelming for anyone; but like most things in life, coffee makes it better. 

Across campus, there are several coffee hours that are hosted by different societies. A

Sex & Relationships

Eating and Orgasms

Honey Morris discusses how her relationship with sex helped develop a healthier relationship with food, and how the two may be linked

TW: This article contains discussion of disordered eating that may be distressing for some readers. 

On a dim Friday evening, in the back corner of a newly decorated pub, I ate a slice of birthday cake from an old cracked


Trinity’s most serious society

Honey Morris sits down to analyse the rigid functions within the core group of Comedians Against Trinity

College: A time of laughter, tears, and everything in between.

“The comedy society is as much about watching comedy as it is performing”

“A lot of good comedians are introverted and it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be good


K-Soc: Best Overall Society

The winning society of “Best Overall Society” discusses how they pulled off such an incredible accomplishment

Winning “Best Overall Society” is no easy feat, but winning “Best Small Society” too only boosts the achievement. This success requires consistent work, dedication, and planning from the committee. Korean Society (K-Soc) rightfully claimed the title of “Best Overall Society”


Formula for success: The passion and hard work of Formula Trinity

Honey Morris speaks to Chief Operations Officer of Formula Trinity to understand the work, challenges and motivation behind the society

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: The four pillars of STEM, and four main components of Formula Trinity. This incredible society builds, codes, designs, and engineers sports car driving systems. Even with their focus being STEM-driven, their team includes students from