From Apertivo to lockdown: students describe the Italian coronavirus outbreak

Irish students on Erasmus in Italy share testimonials about COVID-19’s progression from rumour to outbreak to nationwide quarantine

Although one’s Erasmus is meant to be a year of life-changing experiences and unexpected adventures, for students studying in Italy, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has taken this way too far.  “I think one of my big takeaways from the lockdown …


Trinity after Brexit

What does the UK withdrawl from the EU mean for College’s relationship with Northern Ireland?

The United Kingdom exited the European Union at 11pm on 31 January 2020. Sparked by a narrow victory of 51.9% for the Leave campaign in the UK’s June 2016 referendum on EU membership, the date marked the end of a


A History of the Campanile Curse

Exploring the myths and misconceptions behind Trinity’s favorite superstition

Just as the Campanile itself is one of Trinity’s most recognisable landmarks, the corresponding “Campanile Curse” has become one of Trinity’s most talked about legends. The most basic version of this curse, passed about in warnings from friends and within


A new age in Ireland

Isabella Noonan explores the ways that Trinity students are engaging with alternative spirituality

Like others in our late-Millennial generation, Busé Tobin, founder and auditor of the newly-created DU Astrological Society, initially encountered Astrology through internet memes. “The signs as – memes, I just love those,” she laughed.  She added: “I think that it’s