Is Trinity better when it’s tobacco-free?

The Tobacco Free Trinity Campaign has found some success, but still has a long way to go

Less than one in five Irish adults now identify as smokers. Will the sight of a lit cigarette be alien to our grandchildren’s generation? Speaking to Trinity News, Health Promotion officer Martina Mullen says that: “smoking is the really big


Ents race: Greg Arrowsmith to organise events that are “not just a night out”

Among his campaign promises are plans to host a Senior Freshers’ Week and a second Trinity Ball

Greg Arrowsmith is a third-year Politics and Economics student, and is one of the two candidates running for the position of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Entertainments (Ents) Officer for the 2021-22 academic term. 

The Ents officer is charged


The Irish far-right’s role in the infodemic

As political tensions rise, right-wing groups in Ireland have found their way into the centre of the action

The death of George Nkencho at the start of the year brought Irish far-right online activity, which had been bubbling and fomenting under the surface for years, into open view and public discourse. Likes, posts and comments surged on platforms


Stories of Survival: Mick Finnegan

Trinity student Mick Finnegan details his past of sexual abuse, homelessness and mental illness, and explains how he reclaimed his life

This article includes discussion of sexual assault and attempted suicide.

Many students have overcome significant challenges to reach their desired field of study in Trinity. But few have faced as many as Mick Finnegan (37), who this year started a


People Before Profit and student socialism

How one of Trinity’s most active political societies is navigating this year

Trinity has many active political societies, including the Young Greens, Young Fine Gael, Ógra Sinn Féin and numerous others. These societies provide a platform for young people interested in public policy and politics to come together and discuss issues and


The changing scope of students’ welfare needs

Welfare Officer Leah Keogh on tackling cases shaped by Covid-19

“One student described how the isolation period on campus could be “profoundly lonely” and that, “There have been days that have taken a toll on mental health.””

“First year students, who by all rights should be swirling in a whirlwind


De-platforming, Dawkins and debate

A look into September’s controversy surrounding the dis-invitation of Richard Dawkins to the Hist

Eleven years ago, in 2009, the University of Oklahoma was investigated by the Oklahoma State Legislature for permitting Richard Dawkins to speak albeit under different circumstances than those that have raised attention to Dawkins around Trinity in the last


Re-imagining our forests

A change is underway in Irish forestry policy, and in our landscape itself

While the climate crisis has occupied the public consciousness, with mixed success, for the best part of the last two decades, biodiversity loss has increasingly risen in prominence alongside it in recent times. Once fashionable, neatly rolled lawns are increasingly


Asylum seekers in university: Same college, different experience

Students living in direct provision are forced to deal with very different circumstances than some of their peers

While Leaving Cert students this year faced a summer of uncertainty and angst as to whether they would be allocated their desired third-level place, students living in Direct Provision have faced a particularly difficult situation.

As of the start of …