Communications & Marketing race: Beth Strahan wants to put the spotlight on engagement

Final year Drama and Theatre Studies student Beth Strahan wants to “make an impression on an audience, but this time the audience is the SU.”

Beth Strahan is a senior sophister student from Belfast running for TCDSU Communications & Marketing Officer. She is running in one of the most contested elections of recent years against current TCDSU Engagement Officer Connor Dempsey and final year student …

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Bad Date with a Book

Jayna Rohslau waves around the literary red flags that should strike fear into the heart of every Trinity student

All that glitters is not gold. Unfortunately, keeping in mind that they are paying for our college tuition, most parents do not shower us with expensive gifts, but rather socks, and books. Not to say that I’m complaining about either …

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How to spend a semester at Saltburn

Jayna Rohslau interprets wholesome holiday classic Saltburn as a guide to making the most of this semester

The New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be boring. We all know you won’t start working out or develop a new personality. I know I won’t. That’s why in 2024 I have resolved to steal someone else’s personality instead. My

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Whiplash girlchild in the dark

Jayna Rohslau interviews Trinity MFA alum Nicole Flattery on Warhol, female competition, and why we shouldn’t be nostalgic for the past

Here they come now. Edie, Jane, Nico: how pretty their names look in the headlines. See them run now. See their time run out. Never mind fifteen minutes of materiality when the myth of Warhol’s Superstar lives on.

Nicole Flattery

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The Butterfly Garden of Icarus

Jayna Rohslau navigates her way through the poetics of the Icarus launch party

Romance is dead and we couldn’t care less. After all, his funeral is the party of the year. Icarus, the social butterfly among Trinity College’s publications, officiated this celebration. We may have encountered heartbreak, grief, and unpleasant commutes in the

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How to build a Hanok

Jayna Rohslau interprets the second issue release for Korean literary journal The Hanok Review assembled in collaboration with Korean Soc, Lit Soc and DU Languages

How to unlock the poetics of space: first, commence the battle between upstairs and downstairs. Upon entering the GMB, I was confronted with a host of nerds anxiously clutching wine glasses. Realising I had made an error, I naturally ran

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Translucent feelings

Jayna Rohslau speaks to author Yan Ge on writing her first short story collection in English, online stalking David Foster Wallace and the realities of being a foreigner in Dublin

While at Trinity, I have enjoyed my English classes while simultaneously being frustrated by a lack of nuance in racial discourse. Reading Langston Hughes, it turns out it is hard to be black. Reading Aphra Behn, it turns out it

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The new vampires of Trinity College Dublin

Jayna Rohslau proposes equivalents to Trinity alum Bram Stoker’s Dracula encapsulating our current student anxieties

“I’m in da trees/watchin’ you sleep” the picture of Edward from Twilight declared causing the entire English lecture theatre to burst into laughter. Yet lingering in the back, I was not quite so joyous but full of a heavy sense

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Stages along life’s way

Jayna Rohslau interviews Booker shortlisted alum Paul Murray on social performativity, Kierkegaard and finding your authentic self through literature

Although our culture claims to celebrate individuality, this sentiment is about as genuine as the latest Players production. While the narrative of acceptance may appear true to life – if you squint – the arts block uniform and drinking culture