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Found in translation

Jayna Rohslau interviews Trinity alumna Lianne Quigley on her interpretative work for the ISL Deaf Translations Project at Dublin Fringe Festival

“Then the wet windin’ roads / Brown bogs and black water/ And my thoughts on white ships / And the King of Spain’s daughter.” Although we may be accustomed to Dublin’s weather, imagining oneself in a sunnier locale remains undeniably

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To bee or not to bee

Jayna Rohslau analyses Trinity alum Paul Murray’s latest novel The Bee Sting

When reading The Bee Sting, I laughed, I cried, and I even winced recalling memories from my first semester of college. Once, like the clueless fresher that I was, I asked a question in a lecture and the professor laughed

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Laughter in the age of AI

Jayna Rohslau interviews Professor Jennifer Edmond on AI’s cultural impact in advance of ‘Who Wants to Write an Email?’ at Dublin Fringe Festival

I don’t garden, but if I did, I can only imagine it would be like emptying my inbox. You might think weeding out emails gets easier over time, but it remains a tedious and remarkably painful task. Unlike actual weeds,


A Spectre is Haunting Europe – The Spectre of TikTok?

A look into the reasoning and greater implications behind the recent bans on governmental devices

Amongst fears that the Chinese Communist Party has access to covert information, the UK government recently banned government employees from having TikTok. However, although data fears are valid, the ban may also set a dangerous precedent for completely overriding the

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Chatting hymns with Katie Kim

Jayna Rohslau interviews the Dublin singer-songwriter on her key influences and musical takeaways

There’s a liquid smooth sensibility to Katie Kim’s work. It is evident in the flow of her songs. Without break, one song ends and the next begins. It’s also apparent in the visuals accompanying her song Mona, as gaping faces


DU Dance Soc reprises annual best dance crew competition for charity

Profits from the March 22 Button Factory competition will be donated to the hospital-funding organisation MOVE

DU Dance Soc has announced the return of the Trinity’s Best Dance Crew (TBDC) competition, Trinity’s largest dance event.

The competition, which aims to determine the Best Dance Crew of 2023, will be hosted by DU Dance and other societies

Arts & Culture

Get Cultured!

Jayna Rohslau investigates unique arts and culture happenings in and around Dublin

As February progresses, what is a hapless Trinity student to do? Whether you are becoming increasingly stressed, bored, blue, green, or even an alarming shade of neon purple, Trinity News is here to help. I encourage you to take a

News Analysis

Welfare & Equality race: Bennett poised for victory in uncontested Welfare and Equality race

With 91% of decided voters on her side Bennett is on course for a comfortable win

Highlighting equity-driven change, unopposed Welfare and Equality candidate Aoife Bennett received 91% of the first preference in last week’s Trinity News poll. With RON polling at only 9%, Bennett seems all but certain to be elected as the next Welfare