Arts & Culture

The musical witching hour

Lara Bhakdi reviews Laufey’s release Bewitched and explains how the Icelandic singer-songwriter has cast her spell

People who buy tickets to jazz concerts in the US are overwhelmingly middle-aged and male, according to the Jazz Audience Initiative. The popularity of jazz concerts seems to have been dwindling with young people in particular – and yet

Food & Drink

A Gustatory Analysis of Scent

Lara Bhakdi examines the relationship between taste and scent

Even as someone who doesn’t buy scented candles, scents like pineapple pound cake, pumpkin pecan waffles, and banana walnut muffin pique my interest. My first instinct is to ask how a candle can smell exactly like those treats – I

Food & Drink

Critiquing the food critic

Lara Bhakdi takes a look at the outdated values and lack of representation in the industry

“Any complaints?” reads the last part of the review. This is where it could all go wrong, where the critic could really tear into the food they’ve just eaten and possibly leave an indelible mark on the reputation of the …

Arts & Culture

All Artists Are Sellouts

Three students discuss why the relationship between capitalism and art seems more strained than ever in the age of Instagram and Tiktok

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A few days ago, I opened Instagram for the nth time to do some mindless scrolling. And mindlessly scroll I did, until I came across a post from an anti-art account,, that I follow. The post? A beautiful old-fashioned