Dublin’s public transport developments and disappointments

Trinity News investigates recent announcements for the development of public transport in Dublin, compared to existing models in Dublin and Europe

In July of this year, the government announced that the Metrolink, a “high-capacity, high-frequency rail line running from Swords to Charlemont” would begin construction in 2025, with the projected completion date being some time in 2035.  This new means of


Speaking Out against Bullying on Campus

How can different universities around Ireland create a zero-tolerance culture on campus?

There have been a number of developments in support for third-level students who have experienced bullying or harassment on campus in recent years. With the return of in-person teaching, temporarily isolated college and university communities have resumed interaction, and some


How Big Oil Influenced the Public Perception of Climate Change

Investigating the fossil fuel industry’s creation of barriers to information on the reality of the climate crisis, and how to identify their influence

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For decades, the discourse surrounding climate change has been a heavily debated one: questions of “is it real?”, “is it urgent?”, or simply “is it worth the hassle?” arise. While it can and should be recognised as an extremely real,


Ireland’s Pornography Industry and Interests

Trinity News investigates Ireland’s appetite for homegrown adult entertainment, speaking with an OnlyFans creator who is happy to fill that gap


Ireland is a small country. There’s hardly an Irish person you’d meet to whom you’re not connected by a single degree, either a college connection or a relative in their hometown. Whenever an Irish television programme is produced, it’ll only


Traditional Irish Festivals: Celebration of Culture or Pursuit of Profit?

With this year’s Puck Fair making headlines due to its mistreatment of the Puck King, Trinity News investigates whether tradition or revenue is the goal of the festival

The Puck Fair, an annual festival held in Killorglin, Kerry garnered close attention this year due to the treatment of the festival’s quintessential feature: the goat. Over three days every August, amongst many other festivities, a goat is crowned King


The logistics of getting aid to Ukraine

A Polish charity has established humanitarian links between Dublin and Kyiv

The Russian attack on Ukraine has seemed to unite Europe, with each nation providing empathy and activism for the crisis of justice.  But what about direct action?  While the flurry of tweets and TikToks providing information on and condemning the …


Sunday Longread: What does lent mean in 2022

Has the period associated with discipline and simplicity turned into just another wellness trend?

On the first day of February, my local Tesco’s Special Offers section had been transformed; gone were the health-food alternatives and protein shakes, presumably snatched up by those clinging to their New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead, there were Easter Eggs; rows …


Inside the world of BookTok

Where social media meets the printing press

Video-based social media app TikTok has contributed hugely to the establishment and spread of viral trends since its inception in 2016.  From Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta recipe to Doja Cat’s career, the short-form video platform’s coveted algorithm allows trends to …


The secret spirits and superstitions of Trinity

As warm bodies return to campus, Trinity News delves deeper into College superstitions that haunt the living.

Last year saw Trinity’s campus rendered a ghost town, haunted by the spectres of pre-lockdown’s past.  With staff and students seldom to be seen, it seemed Trinity was  populated only by ghosts. This Halloween, College is set to reopen in