The logistics of getting aid to Ukraine

A Polish charity has established humanitarian links between Dublin and Kyiv

The Russian attack on Ukraine has seemed to unite Europe, with each nation providing empathy and activism for the crisis of justice.  But what about direct action?  While the flurry of tweets and TikToks providing information on and condemning the …


Sunday Longread: What does lent mean in 2022

Has the period associated with discipline and simplicity turned into just another wellness trend?

On the first day of February, my local Tesco’s Special Offers section had been transformed; gone were the health-food alternatives and protein shakes, presumably snatched up by those clinging to their New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead, there were Easter Eggs; rows …


Inside the world of BookTok

Where social media meets the printing press

Video-based social media app TikTok has contributed hugely to the establishment and spread of viral trends since its inception in 2016.  From Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta recipe to Doja Cat’s career, the short-form video platform’s coveted algorithm allows trends to …


The secret spirits and superstitions of Trinity

As warm bodies return to campus, Trinity News delves deeper into College superstitions that haunt the living.

Last year saw Trinity’s campus rendered a ghost town, haunted by the spectres of pre-lockdown’s past.  With staff and students seldom to be seen, it seemed Trinity was  populated only by ghosts. This Halloween, College is set to reopen in


The stage is set for the return of gigs

Trinity News explores the journey from the lockdown of live performances to the reopening of gigs

As Ireland seems to almost fully emerge from yet another lockdown, and the level system of easing restrictions is left in summer’s dust, many industries have been able to return as close to normal as possible. However, other industries have


How accommodation is allocated in Trinity

Trinity’s Accommodation Allocation Plan leaves many students without housing

As the new  academic year rears its head, a slew of Trinity students are returning to Dublin. Some have been granted accommodation through College either on campus, near campus, or in Trinity Hall. However, for most, finding accommodation has been