Cost of Christmas

Trinity News breaks down the spending habits of students around the festive season

Christmas can be an expensive time of year — from buying presents for family to Kris Kindle with work colleagues and a general increase in socialisation with friends, the season of giving could also be regarded as the season of


Student accommodation crisis

Trinity News investigates the ongoing student accommodation crisis affecting students in Ireland

Finding accommodation, specifically in Dublin, has always been a challenge for students. If you are not part of the fortunate few who secure a spot on College campus or Trinity Hall, students have to undertake the lengthy, stressful and often …


Poppers: Sex Drug to Party Drug

Inhaled through the nose, the sex-drug-turned-party-drug provides users with an instant head rush lasting only a few minutes

Alkyl nitrates, a group of chemicals more commonly known as poppers have become an essential for young adults on a night out. Inhaled through the nose, the sex-drug-turned-party-drug provides users with an instant head rush lasting only a few minutes. …


Students saying no to alcohol

Trinity News speaks to students who choose to socialise sober

Ireland and alcohol have always gone hand in hand. We, as a nation, seem to embrace our stereotype of being big drinkers and for many, this label is seen almost as a badge of honour to be worn with great …


Ireland’s Pornography Industry and Interests

Trinity News investigates Ireland’s appetite for homegrown adult entertainment, speaking with an OnlyFans creator who is happy to fill that gap


Ireland is a small country. There’s hardly an Irish person you’d meet to whom you’re not connected by a single degree, either a college connection or a relative in their hometown. Whenever an Irish television programme is produced, it’ll only


Is Depop becoming gentrified?

Trinity News investigates the growing ethical concerns surrounding the sourcing and sale of second hand goods online

Depop first came onto the fashion scene when it launched in 2011, as a peer-to-peer clothing selling app, rivalling the likes of eBay, Vinted and Poshmark. The app has revolutionised second-hand shopping, promoting sustainable shopping and breaking the stigma which …

Student Living

Running on Ritalin

Leanne Healy talks to students who use the taboo “study drug” during exam season

Caffeine alone is no longer sufficient for an extra energy boost during exam season. Thanks to so-called “study drugs”, many university students across Ireland are studying for hours on end with the help of cognitive enhancing pills. Ritalin, a prescription


Are single-gender schools the way of the past?

While Labour prepare a new Bill banning single-gender schools, others speak out in favour of separate education

Rathdown School, an all girls private school located in Glenageary, has recently announced their plans to move to a co-educational model, allowing both boys and girls to enrol. The boarding school, which caters for students aged three to eighteen years …

Student Living

Celebrating Trinity’s women who wow

Leanne Healy profiles three women who inspire the college community

Esme Dunne

Esme Dunne, a second year College student, is involved with EmpowerHer*Voice; this is a fantastic initiative which Dunne describes as a “global community-based platform for anyone and everyone who has been subjected to misogynyciswomen, transwomen, women

Student Living

How to survive the Schols exams

Leanne Healy speaks to three current scholars about their experiences with the Foundation Scholarship examinations

The Foundation Scholarship examinations, colloquially known as “Schols”, have been held in Trinity College since it was first established in 1592. This long-standing tradition awards students who receive an average of first-class honors in the voluntary exams with free on-campus