Is Depop becoming gentrified?

Trinity News investigates the growing ethical concerns surrounding the sourcing and sale of second hand goods online

Depop first came onto the fashion scene when it launched in 2011, as a peer-to-peer clothing selling app, rivalling the likes of eBay, Vinted and Poshmark. The app has revolutionised second-hand shopping, promoting sustainable shopping and breaking the stigma which …

Student Living

Running on Ritalin

Leanne Healy talks to students who use the taboo “study drug” during exam season

Caffeine alone is no longer sufficient for an extra energy boost during exam season. Thanks to so-called “study drugs”, many university students across Ireland are studying for hours on end with the help of cognitive enhancing pills. Ritalin, a prescription


Are single-gender schools the way of the past?

While Labour prepare a new Bill banning single-gender schools, others speak out in favour of separate education

Rathdown School, an all girls private school located in Glenageary, has recently announced their plans to move to a co-educational model, allowing both boys and girls to enrol. The boarding school, which caters for students aged three to eighteen years …

Student Living

Celebrating Trinity’s women who wow

Leanne Healy profiles three women who inspire the college community

Esme Dunne

Esme Dunne, a second year College student, is involved with EmpowerHer*Voice; this is a fantastic initiative which Dunne describes as a “global community-based platform for anyone and everyone who has been subjected to misogynyciswomen, transwomen, women

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How to survive the Schols exams

Leanne Healy speaks to three current scholars about their experiences with the Foundation Scholarship examinations

The Foundation Scholarship examinations, colloquially known as “Schols”, have been held in Trinity College since it was first established in 1592. This long-standing tradition awards students who receive an average of first-class honors in the voluntary exams with free on-campus


For You: the life of a TikTok creator

Lily Rafferty, aka MyCollegeLife, on what it takes to go viral

Ever since lockdown 2020, TikTok has changed the way we use social media. Becoming an overnight internet sensation is now easier than it has ever been before. Under the username “MyCollegeLife”, third year NCAD student, Lily Rafferty, is one of

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How to handle homesickness

Leanne Healy shares some advice on how to assuage the pangs of homesickness that accompany moving to a new city

Typically, leaving for college is an exciting time for many students. There is a newfound sense of freedom that one acquires when moving away for the first time no rules, no parents and a fresh start. On paper, it