Students walking on the Front Square of campus with the Campanile in the background

College will try to increase masters’ tuition fees – we must be ready

If you are interested in applying for a masters’ degree after finishing your bachelors, I urge you to read this and get involved in the campaign.

Each year, there are around 4,000 students enrolled in masters programmes at Trinity. Many have just finished undergraduate degrees and have opted to continue their education at Trinity, pursuing their lifelong dreams and passions. These courses already cost us a


Op-Ed: The student movement must organise radical demands beyond electoralism

TCDSU President-Elect László Molnárfi writes on how “voting alone will not make society better in the long-run”

The passing of our emergency motion at the recent Union of Students Ireland (USI) Congress to take a position of no-confidence in the government has been met with applause from all corners of the third-level sector. This is certainly a …


Corporate encroachment on academia must be stopped in its tracks-and students and staff must not be afraid to play their part

Senior management are deeply complicit in the plight of our universities, not least by creating a culture of silence amongst staff, writes László Molnárfi, SSP Convenor of the TCDSU

If we were to blame senior management for the problems that plague College, we would be sorely misguided. Government starvation of the third-level sector is to blame for the ills that plague our universities, including high student-staff ratios, insufficient infrastructure