Unrevolutionary, not unimportant

Maisie Mould makes the case for the significance of voting yes/yes on March 8

On the 8 March 2024, Irish citizens will be asked to vote on two referendums. The goal: to make Ireland more inclusive and protective of those previously neglected by the constitution. If passed, the definition of family in articles 41.1.1

Arts & Culture

The Arts in a Changing World

What we need from the arts in the modern era with Icarus editor Eloise Rodger

When the pandemic struck in 2020, worldwide panic and confusion ensued. Entire human systems ground to a halt as bans were placed on travel, work and face-to-face interaction. International health organisations issued pamphlets and instructions intended to curb the spread …


The Flow State: What, How and Why?

Maisie Mould provides an insight into the psychology of the flow state and how it could benefit our everyday lives.

Have you ever found yourself so immersed in a task or activity that hours pass in what feels like minutes? This occurrence is known in psychology as a “flow state”. More colloquially referred to as being “in the zone”, flow


Marketing Femininity

An Insight Into The Discourse of This Summer’s Trending Feminine Outlets

Discourse surrounding the idea of femininity and the enjoyment of manifestations of stereotypical femininity is highly topical in the current cultural climate. The world has been saturated in pink for the promotion and release of the Barbie film, and highly-coveted


Fashion as a political method of control is not only restrictive but dangerous

Dress codes, from moderate to severe, can pose a risk to freedom, but, on a greater political scale, legally enforced rules to determine what one gender can and cannot wear represents a terrifying level of social control

Depending on your environment, what can be considered “appropriate” clothing varies enormously. Whether it’s a workplace dress code, school uniform, or religious attire, what we are required to wear to “keep up appearances” is based on differing rules and guidelines.