Student Living

A graduation like no other

Mary O’Harte talks to the class of 2020 on finally celebrating their long-awaited graduation

Recently something strange happened on campus. The Front Square, which had been a virtual wasteland for almost a year, started to fill up with students in caps and gowns. While many had chosen to be conferred in absentia, over the


Fishnets and femme fatales: Chicago

It razzles, it dazzles – it’s Trinity Musical Theatre’s latest musical performance

A story of murder, greed, corruption, adultery and treachery…all the things we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts.” This tongue-in-cheek statement, uttered by a member of the chorus as they welcome us to the opening performance of Chicago,


Is Snapchat dead?

With a surplus of options when it comes to social media, Snapchat has suffered recently, falling from an incredibly popular form of communication to receiving heavy criticism from influencers and users alike

When Snapchat launched in 2011, it marked the dawn of a new age for social media. It was one of the first apps that was tailor-made for the emerging social media generation, for the teens who bring their phones everywhere


Open border, open mind

What a no-deal Brexit could mean for Border towns

“So you’re from Monaghan? Like, Northern Ireland?”

This confusion didn’t surprise me. When you describe yourself as coming from “The Border”, people don’t know what you are talking about unless they live in Ulster. Even Britons seem to regard Northern …