The Rise of le Front National

Mia Colleran explores the popularity of the right-wing party le Front National in the upcoming French presidential elections

The Candidates

‘..one can only imagine the upheaval that would be caused if France left the European Union, which Le Pen has compared to a “system of the oppression of peoples”’

In light of Brexit and the recent election of


Fostaíocht sa Ghaeilge

Pléann Trinity News deiseanna fostaíochta sa Ghaeilge faoi láthair agus sa todhchaí


Tá an Ghaeilge mar theanga oifigeach an tAontas Eorpach le linn naoi mbliana anuas ach, cé go bhfuil stádas oifigúla aici, ní teanga ‘oibreatha’ í. Sé sin ráite, níl ar an tAontas Eorpach, seirbhisí aistriúcháin nó seirbhísí teangacha a chur


Home and away

Mia Ní Challaráin, a Trinity Erasmus student in Nice, reflects on the differences she has observed between Irish and French ways of life.


I arrived in Nice with a suitcase five kilograms overweight, a love of croissants ready to be nurtured and brimming with enthusiasm for my year in France. However France was not what I expected it to be – my new


The tabooed “future of Irish”

If we ever want to truly answer the question of the “future of Irish”, then we have to stop looking for one solution that will fix everything.

People have a tendency to either idolise or despise Irish (this is largely thanks to our uninspiring Irish curriculum in school) and more often than not it is not seen as a practical language. It’s almost expected of me to