Student Living

A greeting in translation

The expectation of politeness towards a stranger’s greeting should be secondary to an awareness that we do not owe them anything in return

Krakow’s old town is encircled by a thick strip of green. It’s called the Planty, and it hugs the sides of the city’s historic centre, where every few metres, you can slip into by way of a cobbled street.


Know what fuels your coffee break: The prison-industrial complex on our campus

Do Trinity’s catering contracts jeopardise our moral stance as a university?

“Knowing what you own is the first step to aligning your investments with your values,” according to the Investigate Project, a research and information centre that seeks to learn how companies profit from and support state violence, and urges the


Defending Trinity College, Easter 1916

Reassessing Trinity’s role in the Easter Rising and how a small group of colonial soldiers prevented its rebel capture

“Was this indeed to be, perhaps, the last night of our ancient university?” Professor John Joly had anxiously speculated, as night fell over Trinity College. It was Monday, the 24th of April, 1916. A surprise ‘Sinn Féin rebellion’ had shocked


Trinder, Trinfess and intimacy

Are the recent digital platforms that have emerged on social media promoting intimacy in Trinity?

The Intimacy Exhibition that was held in the Science Gallery this year explored the ways technology can minimise the distances that separate us in our relationships. Throughout the exhibition, the various installations challenged the boundaries our screens and devices often


What it means to be a hijabi in Trinity

An inside look at the experiences of hijabis in Trinity, and how to engage a meaningful, constructive discussion on Islamic feminism

The hijab, or “headscarf”, is one of the most misunderstood and contested pieces of clothing today. Veiling is a badge of faith and identity for people across many different religions and cultures. However, it is most commonly recognised as a


1982: the year of the engineer

The 49 engineering students who put forward their candidacy for the 1982 TCDSU Presidential election reflect on their flirtation with student politics

The President is the highest office in Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), and although some may consider the Ents Officer as having the most significant effect on their student lives, the President is the most influential student leader on …


The end of blasphemy?

In the wake of the blasphemy referendum, are we living in a more secular, progressive society, or will this historically ineffectual law lead to an equally nonexistent impact?

On October 31, Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, was acquitted by the Pakistani’s Supreme Court after spending eight years on death row following a conviction of blasphemy. Due to Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws, when accused of defaming the Prophet Mohammed,