The back and forth nature of climate activism versus climate fatalism is exhausting

When facing a sizeable global threat such as climate change, it is sometimes difficult to continue to make the small changes when you worry that they have no significant impact

For some time, I have worried that my climate activism pales in comparison to the mass climate atrocities that are committed by corporations, countries, and celebrities daily. It is hard to feel as though the small steps you take count

Student Living

Dublin as a student city

Nina Crofts assesses Dublin’s student life as someone new to the city

Everyone is familiar with the downsides of living in Dublin city, but for students, it’s particularly the cost of living and transportation that are causing a real problem. 

Regardless, I think Dublin is flourishing as a university city. It’s just


Minimum effort about minimum wage from the government

The new budget’s minimum wage increase will do little to help the cost of living crisis

The 80-cent minimum wage increase from €10.50 to €11.30 fails to accurately reflect the increased cost of living in Ireland, and will fail workers. While Ireland’s minimum wage is relatively high compared to many European neighbours, Ireland also stands next


Instead of protecting women’s sports, the IRFU’s exclusion of transgender women is actively harming it

Women’s sports have historically been a place of open-mindedness and active change, however the IRFU’s decision seems to be a disappointing step back

Amid rising transphobia and increasingly discriminatory practices against transgender people in Ireland, this latest setback for transgender women is yet another decision driven by ignorance. The IRFU’s (Irish Rugby Football Union) ban on transgender women participating in contact rugby is