Sierra Mueller-Owens to take over from Keogh as TCDSU Welfare and Equality

Mueller-Owens secured 54.3% of the vote, with Dylan Krug at 40.9%

Sierra Mueller-Owens has been elected Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Welfare and Equality Officer on the first count, securing 54.3% of the vote in TCDSU’s first ever online election.

Dylan Krug received 40.9% of the vote, while the option …


Provost election swaps podiums for Zoom in highly unusual race

Trinity’s Registrar, who oversees the election, says its online format won’t stem collegiate spirit

For the first time since Trinity’s establishment by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, the role of provost will go to a woman, whose ten-year term will commence on 1 August 2021. Professors Linda Doyle, Linda Hogan and Jane Ohlmeyer are


“The work of the Science Gallery Network has never been more important”

Dr. Montgomery brings expertise in research and mentorship and will be the first member of the Science Gallery International board to be appointed by a university in the United States

Dr. Beronda Montgomery has recently been appointed to the board of Science Gallery International, the non-profit organization created to provide the tools and resources needed to power and support the work of the Science Gallery Network. Dr. Montgomery, who currently


Life at Trinity Halls: What happens to a social hotspot when socializing is restricted

As Ireland adapts to life in Level 5, hundreds of residents have been finding ways to maintain the camaraderie of Halls

Tucked away into a corner of Rathmines, Trinity Hall is, for many, a sentimental milestone from first year, often associated with the rows of dimly-lit kitchens late at night, cold walks back along Dartry road, and the famously vibrant social