TCDSU President-elect Keane’s decision to speak against BDS motion at Council sends a cynical message

Rory O’Neill argues against the current student political culture prevents the union taking stances on controversial issues, in light of the recent controversy over a vote at council

By now many students will have heard of the debacle arising out of the most recent Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Council relating to the defeated motion mandating the union to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. …


Trinity Business School is the fastest growing school of its kind in Europe

Revenue generation has grown by 43% in the past year

It has been announced that Trinity Business School is the fastest growing school of its kind in Europe. Professor Andrew Burke, the Dean of the Business School, stated in the School’s newsletter that revenue generation has grown by 43% in


Why the October Revolution should be commemorated

Conflating the revolution with Stalin’s atrocities is misguided and facile, Rory O’Neill argues

“It is vital that we learn from the Russian Revolution, understand its virtues, and more importantly its failures”

Dublin City Council, as part of their 2017 commemorations programme, have allocated 30,000 towards work on the Communist Party of Ireland


We need a class narrative to defeat the alt-right

The key to a strong, coherent movement against the alt-right is mobilising those who were disillusioned with the choice on offer in last November’s election


“Any hopes for reversing the advance of the alt-right lie to the left”

It is, at the time of writing, the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as 45th President of the United States. Hundreds of protests have been planned in


Trudeau’s rise is a victory for style over substance

Rory O’Neill argues that the widespread fawning over Trudeau’s rhetoric is misplaced and unwarranted


“Trudeau, like Obama and the U.S. Democratic Party, is the media-savvy face of liberal capitalism.”

Justin Trudeau struck quite a chord in May last year when he replaced the Conservative Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau was welcomed


Farewell, Comandante

Rory O’Neill offers a personal and political perspective on the late Fidel Castro


There are few figures on the left who command the same admiration and respect as Fidel Castro. Those commending parts of his legacy can be found across almost the entire spectrum of those who claim to be ‘on the left’.


Voting for The Man

Rory O’Neill dissects one of the most shocking election results of our time

“Whilst Trump is undoubtedly horrendous, and the rest of this article will proceed from that premise, none of this is of any explanatory value in understanding what happened.”

Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States has left the


Fossil Free TCD discusses ideas for potential sustainability proposal at open meeting

The main focus of the meeting was on discussing potential ideas for a sustainability plan and how to gather input from staff and students when putting together a proposal for the board

NEWSThe Fossil Free TCD campaign tonight held their final open meeting of the academic year in the wake of their meeting with the University Board. The campaign has been pushing for Trinity to fully divest from fossil fuels and has …


Pinkwashing co­-opts LGBTQ progress to bolster the political establishment

While the Yes vote was a victory for the LGBTQ community in Ireland, it is being used to entrench many other forms of oppression.


It is approaching a year since Ireland became the first country to legalise marriage between people of the same gender via referendum. Speaking in Dublin Castle after the result was announced, Enda Kenny declared, “All people will now have an …


We need a grassroots movement against fees

It’s time for us to take our place in the international student movement against austerity and the corporatisation of our universities.

The current sabbatical elections come at a pivotal time for the Irish student movement. The Cassells Report on funding Irish higher education is, according to all reports, set to recommend a student loans system accompanied by an increase in fees.