Arts & Culture

A Unique Take on Disability

Ross Coleman gives us a preview of the new exhibition Unique: A Disabled Perspective run by the Trinity Ability co_op and the TCDSU

On 29th November, doors will be opened to the Trinity Ability co_op and TCDSU’s new exhibition Unique: a Disabled Perspective. This stunning exhibition, housed in the newly opened Printing House Square, features artwork and poetry on the topic of disability,

Student Living

What secondary school doesn’t teach you

Ross Coleman reflects on how his secondary school education and the problems with rote learning have impacted his undergraduate experience

Studying Irish for my undergraduate degree, one of the most common lines I get, aside from some variant of ‘you poor thing’ or ‘good on you, I wouldn’t be able for that,’ is the well meaning question: ‘Oh, do you

Student Living

Ten tips for end of term success

Final year student and experienced crammer, Ross Coleman, shares the academic wisdom he has gained over the years in Trinity

It is nearing the end of Michaelmas Term and you need to start your assignments and study for those exams. But where do you begin and how do you actually stay focused? Don’t panic! As a final year student knee