Voter turnout for sabbatical election highest since 2020, estimates suggest

Over 2,400 people voted in this year’s election, according to preliminary estimates by the Electoral Commission

2,457 students voted in this year’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical election, according to preliminary estimates from the Electoral Commission (EC).

While these numbers are not final, it puts this year’s sabbatical elections on track to narrowly beat …


Communications & Marketing race: Connor Dempsey wants to “burst the bubble” of inaccessibility surrounding the Students’ Union

The fourth-year politics and sociology student is focused on improving procedure for class rep elections, making SU communications more accessible and visible, and increasing student engagement with SU-led activism

Fourth year politics and sociology student Connor Dempsey has spent his four years of university being, as he put it, “fairly too involved in campus.” He has served as Classes officer of DU modern languages since his second year and


What does Trinity stand for? Students and guests debate the Berkeley’s new name with the Hist

Oscar Wilde, Eavan Boland, and the year 1904 were just a few of the new names suggested by speakers on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday evening, Trinity’s Exam Hall was – in a fashion rarely seen at the very start of the semester, long before exams – packed. Abandoning the sacred Graduates’ Memorial Building (GMB) for the night, the College Historical Society (the


Trinity gives away 100 birch tree seedlings to celebrate launch of new sustainability strategy

Sustainability Strategy 2023-2030 aims to reduce Trinity’s greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030

This morning, Trinity gave away 100 birch tree seedlings which sprouted naturally on campus lawns following College’s “No Mow May” initiative. The seedlings were distributed from Front Square.

Any seedlings not collected today will be made available to students and …


How House Six made Ireland pro-choice

Trinity News sits down with the former SU officers who nearly faced prison time during their thirty year battle for the right to choose in Ireland

On July 1, 1988, Anne Marie Keary arrived on University College Dublin’s (UCD) campus ready to take up her new role as the Student Union’s Welfare Officer. Amidst the piles of student and staff queries that she found on her 


The USSR flag and student communism: a controversial combination

Trinity News sits down with students and government officials to discuss the flying of the USSR flag at the freshers’ fair

When second-year Estonian-American student Kaia walked through the front gates of Trinity to volunteer at her freshers’ fair table at the end of September, she was expecting crowds pillaging for slices of pizza and energy drinks, exhausted society leadership teams


112,783 student interactions, 80 employees: Inside the Academic Registry

Trinity News goes inside the Academic Registry to find out how this one office handles the queries of 30,000 students and whether or not its poor reputation is truly the product of inefficient management


Before 2013, if a Trinity student needed help paying their tuition, they had to venture over to the College Green Costa Coffee and visit the Financial Services Office located upstairs. For Erasmus and admissions queries, help could be found in


Schols: Ireland’s most prestigious (and most feared) academic honour

Trinity News speaks with students and faculty about this one-of-a-kind, life changing examination imbued with prestige and intimidation

Every year, on the first Monday in April, the lives of around sixty Trinity students change in an instant. During a tension-filled half hour, hundreds of people gather in Front Square to discover whether they were one of the few


The Slow Death: Azerbaijan’s Armenian Genocide

Through interviews with people on the ground and world experts of the region, Trinity News gets an inside look at what a 7+ month Azerbaijani blockade has done to the lives of the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh with their home now an open-air prison.

For the four years of his existence, Ruben Akopyan* has only called one place his home: a picturesque, mountain-lined region of the Caucuses called Nagorno-Karabakh (or Artsakh to Armenians). Geographically nestled within the predominantly Muslim nation of Azerbaijan,  Nagorno-Karabakh’s population


It’s never too late to start university: meet the Trinity Mature Student Society

Ruby Topalian speaks to the Trinity Mature Student Society about how they support mature students in college.

Society often conditions us to follow a set path. Normally, that path looks something like secondary school, college, marriage, kids, and retirement. However, the reality is that life is never this linear. Even if you are one of many who