This House on The Phil and The Hist

Ruth Brady sits down with President of the Phil and Auditor of the Hist to discuss upcoming plans for the societies

College’s debating societies have a combined age of over 600, so when it comes to semester two activities, they possess a wealth of experience. I don’t know about you, but as the Auditor of Law Soc organizing the society’s second-semester

Sex & Relationships

The seven types of love: ‘Everything I Know About Love’

Three Trinity students kick off a series on the different types of love through the work of Dolly Alderton

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In the Greek language, there are seven different words for the concept of love. Something about that in itself is so poetic; there are so many ways to feel love that they couldn’t contain it in one word. 

In this


AGM season at Trinity

Ruth Brady unpacks the process of annual general meetings in Trinity’s societies

The AGM No you should not worry if you don’t know what that means! AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Companies, schools, clubs, institutions and charities across the globe have AGMs annually. As a student, if you are a