Religious diversity in Trinity

Rev Steven Brunn speaks to Trinity News about the introduction of new ‘faith representatives’

Tuesday lunches in the college Chaplaincy have been a staple of student life in Trinity for years; up until the Covid-19 pandemic led to the closing of Trinity and the postponement of in-person services. The effects of this have not


Busking for the homeless

Trinity students raising money for homeless charities this Christmas

The homelessness crisis in Ireland has become an increasingly more salient issue, with the issue of housing being voters’ number one priority in February’s General Election. Students and youth organisations have taken the lead in raising awareness and money, and


A wave of resignations hits the Young Greens

The youth wing of the party has suspended its operations for the rest of 2020, to reassess its position within the Green Party and the wider green movement

It’s been a tough time for everyone since February – including the Green Party. There was significant disagreement within the party about whether or not to enter government, and in recent times the party has lost many of its young


Sunday longread: American students in Trinity look towards November 3

Students from the US are taking nothing for granted as they await the election results

With the United States elections upon us, it has been like watching a horror movie for some- scary but not having any material impact. For many others personally affected, it represents a tipping point in history, with its impacts stretching


Students show solidarity with LGBTQ+ community in protests against Polish president

The opposition responds to the re-election of “bigoted” Duda

The 2015 Marriage Equality referendum was significant in the push for greater LGBTQ+ rights in Ireland, partially driven by huge student involvement in campaigning for the Yes vote. However, while Ireland has made steps towards equality in recent years, there …