Trinity rowers reflect on success, training and their clubs’ future

DUBC and DULBC made college history over the weekend in securing Trinity victories in four out of four Colours races. We spoke to both clubs shortly after they beat rivals UCD.

sport1How does this set of races differ from the rest?

Michael Corcoran, Dublin University Boat Club (DUBC) Gannon Cup crew: Colours is certainly a grudge match, but it doesn’t necessarily have a reflection on the season to come. UCD always …


On coming last in Jailbreak

Team Seán and Ste came last in this year’s competition after setting themselves the challenge of only travelling in a westerly direction.

indepthIt was 3am and neither of us knew what we were going to do. The fact was, without travel sponsorship, we were going to be getting nowhere. So we went anyway. The Jailbreak mindset is a strange one, and not …