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The power of pedalling

Seán Holland discusses how to navigate your way around Dublin the eco-friendly way

As Trinity welcomes students back to campus, there will also be the return of the dozens of bikes locked near the gym. People commute every day from across the city. Cycling is probably the most affordable and environmentally friendly way

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A laptop displaying a presentation called "Scaling human solutions to the information crisis".

Trinity students get to grips with online internships

Ella Sloane and Seán Holland talk to undergraduates about their experiences with this novel internship format


In terms of employability and skill development, internships can prove immensely valuable for undergraduates, often enhancing their future career prospects. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have pivoted their traditional internship programmes to virtual formats in order

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Reacting to results

Seán Holland discusses the varied responses to exam results

The period around exam results can be a stressful time. The comparisons with other people, whether acknowledged consciously or not, are inevitable. Some people deal with it better than others, and a lot of people usually go out and have

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Dublin’s best parks

Seán Holland gives us a tour of the best parks to visit in Dublin

Dublin is home to some of the most spacious and green parks in Europe. From the calm flowing water of Bushy Park in the southside to the vibrant skating culture of Fairview Park in the northside, Dubliners are spoilt for

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Winding down this winter

Socialising isn’t what it used to be, but all is not lost

Relaxation and downtime are key components of student life; college can be strenuous and demanding both mentally and physically. The evening is traditionally an opportunity to settle down and meet some friends, have a few drinks or just generally switch

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Night owls into the spotlight

Seán Holland explores the ways in which flexible learning finally allows those who excel at night their time to shine

Night owls have long had to structure their routine in accordance with the early morning riser. The 9 to 5 world of hyperreal simulacra that is capitalism has been in place since the industrial revolution. Now, with the effects of

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A fresher’s fever dream

Seán Holland details some of the experiences missed by the Leaving Cert class of 2020 but offers reassurance that all is not lost

In an ordinary year, incoming freshers would have been eagerly awaiting and nervously  anticipating the beginning of their first year in university. Back in July, during the height of the spectacularly good weather,  students throughout the country would have felt