Food & Drink

What have we learnt from the gatherings at the Powerscourt Steps

Large outdoor gatherings have been symptoms of a lack of public spaces for people to meet for an outdoors drink in the nation’s capital


Outside the Powerscourt shopping centre, a short stroll from Trinity’s campus, many young people have been gathering by the steps to meet and drink. Social distancing is but a distant thought. The wide steps have long been a popular resting

Food & Drink

Dublin’s ultimate kebabs

From freshly made flatbreads to cheap and cheerful, Seán McElroy investigates what Dublin’s kebab scene can offer

Kebabs have long suffered from a reputation as the 4am feed of the drunk and desperate. This stigma should be not be accepted too hastily. The basis for a kebab, as pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted spit and


Music, rum, and dancing: Luke Rynne Cullen’s “Mini Trinity Ball”

Luke Rynne Cullen sought to host a night out to show his skills in event organising and to cater to all types of students

Luke Rynne Cullen, one of three candidates running for TCDSU Ents Officer this year, held his “Mini Trinity Ball” night out in Wigwam last night. The event, promoted as “Trinity Ball without a price tag” played on Cullen’s experience in


HEA calls for clarity on independence from Department of Education

Former HEA chief resigned amid claims of “micro-managing” from the department

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) has made a submission to the Department of Education calling for a “new and comprehensive statement” affirming the legal boundaries between the two organisations.

The HEA’s submission requests that the legal clarifications provide confirmation surrounding