The Wim Hof method challenge is taken on by Trinity’s own Mark McGauran

With a focus on breathing, cold exposure, and concentration, the challenge is supposed to deepen the connection between body and mind

Commonly known as the “Iceman”, Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof has come to fame by breaking cold exposure records including running a half marathon north of the Arctic Circle barefoot, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, and even standing covered with …


Bossaball: a captivating sport combining volleyball, football, gymnastics, and music

Internationally recognized, Bossaball attracts viewers all over the world

If you love music and hanging out with friends in the sun, the Spanish sport Bossaball would be right up your alley. Combining elements of football, volleyball, and rhythmic gymnastics, a game of Bossaball will leave you happily winded. Translated …


The crossover of influencers to other entertainment varieties, in particular combat sports

The upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren is a perfect example of influencers trying to make it in the world of professional sports

The highly anticipated upcoming bout between Jake Paul (YouTube star and social media personality) and Ben Askren (former Bellator and ONE Welterweight champion) sees the pair facing off in a boxing ring on the 17 April 2021. This fight is …


Giving volleyball a kick

With an impressive history dating back hundreds of years, sepak takraw is a test of dexterity, strength, and speed

Have you ever wanted to take volleyball to the next level? Incorporate a bit of footwork into the manoeuvres or even just kick the ball back over the net? Or, for those avid footballers, try juggling while dribbling with the …


Out of Left Field: DU Rifle Club

With a social scene to brag about, Club Captain Joseph McDonnell speaks to the club’s accessibility for all students

It’s no secret that shooting is not a very common sport in Ireland, yet Trinity is lucky to have its very own Rifle Club, known as DURC.The club fosters an environment of openness and inclusivity that gives students the opportunity …


Trinity commits to the Cara Sport Disability Inclusion Charter

In order to be more inclusive of those who have experienced exclusion in sport, the role of Sport and Physical Activity Inclusion Officer was created to foster this atmosphere in Trinity

Trinity recently became one of the first Universities in Ireland to sign the Cara Sport Disability Charter and commit to its mission. By signing this charter, Trinity Sport is making promises to reevaluate its programmes and facilities so as to …


The NBA rookies to look out for this season

Number 1 draft pick Anthony Edwards has fallen out of the top 5 rookies of the year, giving room for others to take his spot

While most sporting events have been canceled in Ireland, the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America has been playing since the beginning of the pandemic, when they instituted the “bubble”. This season’s draft was watched by millions to see the …


Out of Left Field: DU Kayak and Canoe

Beginner friendly and also appealing to those more advanced, DUCK offers something for everyone

“It’s the ideal sport for not particularly sporty people and athletes alike,” says DU Kayak and Canoe (DUCK) Secretary Bob McLarnon. It is no secret that many mainstream sports like rugby and football can seem intimidating, especially with no prior …